Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ginger Orange Chicken

Ginger Orange Chicken

2 cups of cooked rice
3-4 chicken breasts, chopped
salt and pepper
1 large onion
1/4 cup coconut oil
2 tablespoons cornstarch or arrowroot powder

1 cup orange juice
2 tablespoons firmly packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon fresh ginger
3 tablespoons tomato paste
4 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon molasses
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
½ cup water
½ teaspoon ground mustard
1 teaspoon garlic powder
¼ teaspoon black pepper
½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
½ teaspoon chili powder

Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Heat the coconut oil in a skillet. Brown the chicken and onion. Mix the cornstarch with a cup cold water and stir. Mix the other ingredients in a bowl and add to chicken, then add the cornstarch simmer for 15-20 minutes until chicken is tender.  Serve over rice. Serves 4

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