Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crockpot Lasagna

16 oz Prego spaghetti sauce
4 lasagna noodles *
½ lb hamburger
Mozzarella cheese shredded
Cheddar cheese shredded
Fennel seed
1 onion chopped
1 tsp of sugar
2 bay leaves
1. Brown hamburger in a frying pan. Add onion and garlic.
2. Cook until hamburger is no long pink.
3. Mix the sauce and hamburger mixture.
4. Pour a small layer spaghetti sauce in the Crockpot.
5. Add a layer of noodles. You will have to break them to make them fit.
6. Add a layer of cheese.
7. Repeat steps 4-6 until you run out of ingredients.
8. The top layer should be Cheese or sauce.
9. Cook on high for 1 hour (you can skip this step if you won’t be home)
10. Cook on low for 3 to 8 hours. The longer you cook it the better it will taste, but you really only need to cook it long enough to melt the cheese and cook the noodles.

I had lasagna noodles mailed to me from the U.S. Some on them broke in transit, but that is OK for this recipe since you have to break them to make them fit in the Crockpot.
I found my spaghetti sauce at Costco. I always add other ingredients to give it more flavor. I cooked it for 8 hours the week before and used some of the sauce for spaghetti and froze the rest to save for my lasagna. I added fennel seed, 1 onion chopped, 1 tsp of sugar, 2 bay leaves, salt, and garlic.

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